The vision of Deliverance Church Githurai has always been to obey the Great Commission. Our vision of Winning Souls & Making Disciples dictates everything that we are about as a Church.

Colossians 1:28 (NKJV) “Him we preach, warning every man and teaching every man in all wisdom, that we may present every man perfect in Christ Jesus”.

The core values are Proclaim – ‘Him we preach’, Pastor – ‘warning every man’, Prepare – ‘teaching every man in all wisdom’, Present – ‘that we may present every man perfect in Christ Jesus’.

The Lord Jesus had a very simple but successful strategy for “making the earth a colony of the kingdom of heaven”. This strategy was to disciple twelve men who would go on to be the foundation for the largest organization in the history of the world, which is the church of the Lord Jesus Christ. Jesus had multitudes of followers and people that He healed, helped and brought hope to. He also had many, many disciples (Luke 6:17), but He chose from this crowd of disciples twelve men (Luke 6:12-6) who would be with Him and whom He would send out to preach (Mark 3:13-19) and eventually be given the assignment to make disciples of all nations or literally, all people (Matthew 28:17-20).

Deliverance Church exists in order to fulfil this “Supreme Commission” given by the Lord Jesus Christ in Matt 28:17-20.

The Principle of Twelve vision seeks to Win the lost to Christ, Consolidate (connect to Christ and the local church and mend their hurts) those who are found, Disciple (or train) Christians to be leaders in the Kingdom of God and Send these disciples or leaders out to make other disciples who Win, Consolidate, Disciple and Send, till the world is won to Christ!

Because disciples are leaders, we believe that every believer then must be trained to be a leader.
The Principle of12 Strategy forms leaders of character who have been shown their God-given purpose in life and who can successfully disciple others in a God-honoring way. We train Christians to become leaders through “cell groups”.

We provide three 10-week sessions of effective leadership training to develop and encourage individuals to lead cell groups which are designed to evangelize the lost, edify new believers, enjoy fellowship and, of course, eat God’s Word! We form these leaders into men and women of God with godly character. We teach and train believers on how to give excellent care and attention to all people who come into the Kingdom of God. As these leaders open their homes for cell ministry they are bringing into their homes the blessing of God.

Many of these leaders will respond to the “five-fold” ministry call and go on to become apostles, prophets, evangelists, pastors and teachers in the body of Christ. However, the vast majority of them will continue in whatever occupation, career or station in life that they previously occupied (with their lives, families and businesses being exceedingly blessed)as they simply develop twelve other men or women and form a team that seeks to raise “successive generations” of disciples, causing a multiplication effect to occur.

We believe that Jesus gave us an example of discipling twelve. As this occurs, these leaders will simply help these twelve to disciple twelve others. That becomes each leader’s life mission.
The Principle of 12 Strategy takes place in the church, the home, the school, the office, and the community. The Principle of 12Strategy takes place every day of the week:

Winning- This is where we present the gospel of the Kingdom that the Lord Jesus preached in order to carry out the Supreme (or Great)Commission to connect non-believers to the Lord Jesus Christ.

Consolidating – This involves strengthening the faith of new believers and helping them with their first steps into Christian living through effective follow-up appointments and fellowship. The new Christian learns the assurance of their salvation and how to walk in the power of the Holy Spirit! They are then taken through the PEP track. (The Pre-Encounter, Encounter and Post Encounter)

Discipling- This refers to spiritual training in order to teach Christians how to live a productive life in the Kingdom of God through growth in the Christian Faith and providing the tools that prepare Christians to be ambassadors for the Kingdom of God. This process takes place through the School of Leaders.

Sending – This final phase for The Principle of Twelve Discipleship Strategy inculcates the supernatural power of multiplication! Now that participants have been fully discipled and trained, they are publicly commissioned before the church to go back into the community to connect others to Christ in salvation and to encourage others to become Champions for Christ through discipleship. This is done through the opening of cells.

The Principle of 12 is reflected in our cell groups – leaders raising up 12, who will, in turn, raise 12, who will then raise 12 and so on. In this model, the focus is not only on grounding the believer but mentoring and discipling them in line with the four core values of the Principle of 12 Vision. We believe that the Principle of 12 Vision is a sure way to reach our world with the Gospel of Jesus Christ, one person at a time and from right where we are!

The Encounter is a life-changing weekend that is designed for every participant to have one-on-one, face-to-face time with God. The Encounter weekend is a time for inner healing, deliverance, value confrontation and renewal of divine purpose in each participant’s life.

The Encounter forms part of what we call PEP, and is the next step after finishing Discipleship classes. PEP stands for Pre-encounter, Encounter and Post-encounter.

Pre-encounter refers to the two lessons designed to prepare you for the Encounter.

After the Encounter, 10 Post-Encounter classes are held at Church every Sunday to share foundational truths and equip the believer with “vital information and tools for the journey”. These 10 lessons cover some of the most pertinent areas of a believer’s walk in Christ – such as social life, music, money & stewardship, spiritual warfare, baptism etc.

Check out the announcements section for details on the next PEP track.