1. Nuts & Bolts Seminar

Purpose of the Seminar

To help you develop great compassion for lost souls, a strong sense of purpose, and a love for the Father. The seminar is meant to help you understand the dynamics of the principle of the 12. Remember if we desire to be used of the Lord in His providence to reach those seeking the truth we must prepare ourselves to be useful.

  1. PEP-(Pre-Encounter, Encounter, Post-Encounter)

There are five objectives in an encounter

  • Salvation; each participant’s salvation is verified
  • Inner healing; every participant gets an opportunity to receive.
  • Deliverance. Each participant gets an opportunity to walk in freedom from sin, oppression, and being set free from the consequences of their past sins.
  • Vision; Each participant gets an opportunity to receive God’s vision for their lives of God for their lives each young person so that he knows without a doubt that God has a specific plan for his life.
  • Holy Spirit; each participant receives the fullness of the Holy Spirit

The school Consists of Levels 1, 2, & 3. These classes serve to prepare each member of DCG to become a cell leader.

  • Each level has a 10-week term of Leadership Training.
  • Cell leaders facilitate any SOL student from his cell.
  • The cell leader is responsible to oversee student assignments and evaluating overall progress.
  • During the 3rd Term, there is a “Re Encounter” (Leadership Encounter). This is required in order to graduate.
  • Before ending the 3rd Term, the new leader must have started his/her own cell in order to be certified.